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Christmas decorations

Poor Lucy.  She is very glad to see the Christmas decorations put up and out-of-sight.  Why?  She’s scared to death of several of them.

City Boy doesn’t agree with me on that.  He says Lucy is trying to play with them, and that’s why she barks and attacks them.  Actually, she doesn’t have a problem with them (or at least she tolerates them) when they are just sitting there doing nothing.  But, unfortunately, there are a few of them that aren’t always inanimate.  

Once a button is pushed, and the decorations come to life and start swaying, moving around, and singing, Lucy flies at them growling, barking and biting.  Frank says if she was afraid of them, Lucy would hide from them.  I don’t really agree.

So, all through the holiday season, Frank has happily played his favorite decorations, much to the fun (trauma) of Lucy.

They look innocent enough when they’re just sitting there.  My Hallmark snowman looks rather cheerful, actually.

Hallmark Snowman

But in the evening, when the lights are low and City Boy gets a fun (mean) streak, it looks more like this:

Hallmark Snowman

Keep in mind that while it’s lighting up like this it’s also moving around, singing and playing music.  For a little dog, that can be kind of scary.  But, Lucy actually got used to my little piano playing snowman.  She realized, after awhile, that the snowman was actually every bit as cheerful as he looked, and she gradually got to where she ignored it.

The wreath, on the other hand, is a different story.  It, too, looks fairly cheerful and innocent when hanging there during the day not doing anything.  Granted, Mrs. Santa’s eyeglass frames make her look a little angry from this angle, but I don’t think that’s anything a dog pays attention to.


But, at night, when Mr. and Mrs. Santa come to life, it’s a totally different story.  While they’re swaying back and forth and singing a cheerful rendition of “Home Sweet Home,” the way they look takes a really bad turn.


Heck, at night that even kinda scares me.  Keep in mind that they’re swaying back and forth.  And Lucy is going nuts.

But, it’s Frank’s favorite wreath.  Matter of fact, he picked it out before we ever got Lucy, and he bought it during the day.  So now that it has turned out to be the wreath-of-the-damned, he is determined to try and put a happy spin on it so I won’t throw it away.

Now all there is left of Christmas is our poinsettia collection, part of which is up on the mantle, to keep them away from Lucy.  We don’t want to risk her deciding to attack them, since poinsettias are poisonous to pets.  Well, I guess they are to people, too, but Frank and I leave them alone until they die.  Nothing else Christmas left out to traumatize Lucy, and the house is, once again, without drama.

Bad, bad picture of three out of four of our leftover Christmas poinsettias

Bad, bad picture of three out of four of our leftover Christmas poinsettias

So, it’s all packed-up for another year.  Thank goodness.  May the wreath from hell rest in peace and “coincidentally” have stopped working next time we get it out.