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English: mother in nuclear family 日本語: 核家族での母親

There has been a long-standing disagreement between my mother and myself.  It’s not something that raises the roof or that we actually “fight” about, it’s something that we just cannot see eye-to-eye on.

Mom has always thought I looked exactly like my dad’s side of the family.  To some extent, I do.  I have certain characteristics that definitely appear to be from that side.  But I have always thought that I looked more like my mother.  Granted, I don’t have the same classic beauty that she does (as evidenced here), but I have some of her characteristics.  Mom, on the other hand, thinks I look nothing like her, not even a little bit.

My dad, my mom, and me -- maybe I was adopted from under the cabbage patch

My dad, my mom, and me, all as young’uns — maybe I WAS adopted from under the cabbage patch

Even Dad thinks I’m a healthy mix of both of them, but Mom seems to be very opposed to that idea.  For a long time I took it as a testament to her love for my dad (she wanted me to look like him), but then the more I thought about it the more I began to wonder if she wasn’t just appalled by the suggestion that plain Jane me could look anything like her.  Oh, NOW who’s getting neurotic?   

Granted, my family has members who are……different, and my parents can sometimes rank in that category (never me), but I can’t decide if this little lack of agreement between my mother and I should be taken as praise or if I should be insulted.  I’ve never asked her because I know if the latter is true she wouldn’t admit it to me.  She’ll take it to her grave.

English: litter of osh with mom

Again, this is not something we get in heated debates about, but more something that gets mentioned in passing from time-to-time.  After all, it’s not something that can ever be as apparent as, say, resemblance of animals to their young.

My aunt brought out some pictures of my mom when she was young, and even my aunt pointed out the similarities between Mom and me.  So, next time I saw Mom, I mentioned that “in passing” to HER.  She didn’t say a word.  Who could dispute photographic evidence?  It’s not like Photoshop existed in 1945.

So, the mini-debate still silently goes on.  It doesn’t bother me or anything — I just thought it was, well, interesting.  Maybe only to me.