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Tonight may have been no different from any other night.  City Boy watched football, something he loves to watch and I don’t.  He tried to impress upon me that this game was important because it led up to some sort of reward (trophy maybe?).  It was Baltimore and Denver, but it may as well have been Europe and Iceland for all I knew about football.  I don’t even know who won.

Don’t get me wrong, I do know how football is played, what constitutes a score, and all that stuff.  In college I watched football quite a bit, but it was more interesting because the players were people I knew, and that made it somehow more watchable and less boring.  But I’m not the avid watcher that everyone in Frank’s family is, and most people in my family are.

English: After the rain: "water football&...

So, City Boy came in after the game and said, “Oh, is it raining?”

“It’s been raining for hours.  Did you not even get up to get a drink of water or take a break during commercials?”

“I just thought it was wind I was hearing,” he said, “and I kinda knew it was supposed to rain.”

He looked out the window.  “No,” he said, “it’s beyond rain, it’s ice now.”

English: Soldier wearing night vision goggles.

Frank suggested I get a picture of the ice glistening off the trees.  I told him it was too dark outside and that my camera does not double as night vision goggles, not to mention that I really didn’t want to stand outside in the wet, 19-degree weather even for a few minutes.  But, he kept mentioning it (I guess maybe he felt I needed entertaining), so I gave it a couple of shots through the window.  Well, okay, so I don’t like going outside by myself at night.  It’s not like he was offering to escort me out there.  

Once I’d taken a few nighttime shots with my daytime camera, City Boy seemed to feel that he had kept me occupied enough.

Ice on Tree

Ice On Tree

LucyCity Boy ate a snack in the bedroom later on (eating on the bed has become more comfortable since his foot surgery), and scroungy Little Dog appeared from nowhere.  Whenever it rains, Lucy looks like a stray from the moment she goes out in it, even when she’s just had a bath.  She loves rain and snow, and makes sure she brings a lot of it in with her.  That’s why she is not allowed in our room, because we don’t want our sanctuary looking and smelling funky.  So when Frank sat on the bed and started eating, Lucy deserted her toys in favor of standing at the door and staring longingly at the Guy With The Food.

So now, at bedtime, we find ourselves wondering if driving to church in the morning will be safe for a guy with a compromised foot and a woman who is a bad driver.  Sigh.

Another exciting evening passes at our little corner of the world, and somehow we’re still awake.  Gosh, we’re getting more and more like an old couple all the time.