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VA Hospital

Official seal of Fayetteville, Arkansas

Veterans Day 2009 Chicago Soldier Field

This past Friday City Boy and I took a trip down to Fayetteville, Arkansas to visit the Veteran’s Administration hospital there.  Frank was scheduled to have surgery on his foot, and I was along as the designated driver.  People who know me and know how I am about driving find that pretty laughable.  At any rate, they wouldn’t do the surgery unless Frank could produce a licensed driver to show them, so viola, there I was.

We left our house at 4:00AM, and that’s too early for me to have been of rational thought.  City Boy drove, of course (he won’t admit it but he hates when I drive him anywhere), and we stopped along the way because we’re old and we can’t drive longer than an hour without “stretching our legs.”  The landscaping at this truck stop was really good.

Truck Stop Ornamental Grass

There was a lot of activity there, and if it hadn’t been dark it would have seemed like the middle of the day instead of 5AM.

Truck Stop

We arrived at our destination at around 6:30, I’d like to say bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but it was more like poker-faced and dragging.  It was light outside, but a beautiful morning mist was still floating in the air.

VA Campus

Except for the word “Emergency” in big letters across the front, the main building doe not even look like a hospital.  The campus the hospital is on looks more like a college campus.  Too bad it’s not a little closer to where we live.  It’s a two or three hour drive, or something like that.  I should pay more attention — all I remember is that it seemed to take forever.   But I was really impressed with how nice the campus is.

VA Campus

After the surgery City Boy was hungry, not to mention that the anesthesia had not worn off yet, so he was in no pain.  We stopped at a McDonald’s, and even caught some nice scenery there.  This was our view from the parking lot.

View From McDonald's Parking Lot

About 3/4 of the way back home, Frank began to be in a lot of pain, so he decided we were stopping at a park in a small town so I could stretch my legs and wake up for the last leg of the trip.   Here is a photo of the picnic tables there that I decided to do some photo processing on.   I wandered around for a bit longer and took a few more photos….

Picnic Tables In Park

 A winter tree against the sky, barren of almost all foliage….

Tree In Winter

….a few last leaves cling for dear life….

Last Leaves

….and all over the ground was a bed of cushiony moss.


This is the parking lot, from a bug’s eye view.

Parking Lot

Actually, this picture happened when I set my camera down to fix my shoe and accidentally pressed the shutter button.  I have never claimed to be graceful.

Once I got City Boy home, medicated and in bed, very little time elapsed before he decided that resting and taking care of himself was not what he was destined to do.  Fortunately, he has a doctor’s appointment coming up, so maybe they’ll impress upon him the importance of not doing too much too soon.  Or not.  

I hope you’re all having a great winter — if not, spring will be here before you know it!