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Will you all be staying up to watch the New Year come in?  Show of hands: How many of you will be staying up past midnight this New Year’s Eve?  Okay, and how many feel they are just too old for that?

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Truth is, City Boy and I have been in the latter bracket for a good many years now.  

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We feel too feeble for the nonsense of staying up, counting the seconds down until the big lighted ball drops on Times Square, and toasting in the second the New Year strikes with a kiss.  We do kiss, but it’s more like, around, ten o’clock-ish.  Then we sleep, and then Frank goes on with his day on January 1st while I watch the Rose Parade — I love watching the pretty floats, while at the same time forgetting about the millions and millions of soon-to-be dead flowers that sacrificed their lives for a few hours down a parade route.

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It’s hard to remember being younger, and getting depressed if I had to ring in the New Year alone.  Whether it was because my significant other was working, or I was unattached altogether at the time, I would always look with dread to the midnight hour during those times.  Instead of slipping into a blissful sleep, paying no attention to the total and utter change of the earth at the stroke of midnight that I would miss, I would sit there watching everyone revel on tv while I sat alone eating stale candy or something.  Thank goodness I grew out of that.

Actually, Frank and I don’t even make New Year’s resolutions.  I know — the sacrilege!  Well, you know, we make resolutions and decisions about changes we want to make all through the year — we’re about resolutioned-out  by the time January 1st comes.  

As far as the tradition of eating black-eyed peas?  Please, why spoil a perfectly good holiday with the ordeal of eating those?

A nice, peaceful day, spent together in a warm house, eating and watching movies or going shopping or seeing a show — that’s the perfect way to spend the New Year’s holiday for us.  Well, City Boy would beg to differ with the shopping part being part of a nice day for him, but the rest is true for both of us.  We have nothing against people celebrating and staying up — when we were younger we would have been right there in the middle of it!  It’s kind of fun to look back and see how much we have changed about what we like and don’t like to do.

Whatever your plans are, enjoy your evening and day — it only comes once a year, and I hope your celebration, however you choose to celebrate, is happy and perfect for you!  All of you have a safe and joyful end of 2012 and a great ringing-in of 2013!