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Merry Christmas

Recovered yet?  Hope you all had a very merry Christmas to recover from!  Whether you spent a peaceful or active day with yourself, one, a few, or many friends and relatives, Christmas is a time to celebrate, and there are a million ways to do it!

City Boy and I had a gathering at our house with the Willingham side of the family.  It’s the most crowded our tiny house has been since moving here in February, and was such a wonderful way to spend the  holiday!  My son had driven up Christmas Eve and spent the night, and the rest of our guests appeared around noon.  Much as I’d like to say everything went off without a single hitch, I can’t.  But everyone seemed to be having a good time eating, laughing and visiting, and some of us were better than others at Christmas trivia.

During the festivities, a guest had gone into the master bedroom to use the bathroom.  I didn’t let it bother me since I knew most of the guests would use the main bathroom, and went into the master bathroom a little later to check and make sure everything was still spick-and-span.  

A roll of toilet paper attached to the wall of...

A little piece of paper remained floating in the toilet, so I flushed it just to be tidy.  To my dismay, the toilet stopped-up.  So, there I was, right before dinner Christmas day, house full of guests, madly plunging the toilet hoping to lessen the amount I would have to mop up from the floor.  Relief came as it appeared catastrophe had been averted and the toilet was unstopped before anything had hit the floor.  And, in addition, it was out of earshot of any of the guests, so no one need ever know.  

English: People using a bathroom.

Just as I went to wash my hands, I looked up and noticed that someone must have gotten ready in our bathroom that morning.  It looked like a deer had been gutted right in the bathroom sink.  Some sort of goo was sprayed completely over the whole bottom half of the mirror.  Thank goodness most of the guests were using the main bathroom, I thought.  Someone yelled for me right then and I pulled the bedroom door shut and made a point of forgetting about it until after everyone had left.  Later that evening was when City Boy let me know that he had encouraged everyone to use the master bathroom since that bedroom was where all the coats were.  

???  We have a coat closet, which he had put extra hangers in for when he took everyone’s coats.  And who cares if, for some unknown reason, he decided that flinging the coats on our bed would be better — we still had a fully functioning main bathroom that was closer to the guests.  So, now everyone just thinks I stink at cleaning bathrooms because the really clean bathroom went unused.

After dinner I drove a short distance to pick up a couple of guests that don’t drive, and when I got back a few of the guests had helpfully loaded the dishwasher full of dishes and had them washing.  People in my family are so helpful, and can be counted on to always lend a hand!  But someone didn’t realize that sterling silverware that is many years old does not do well in the dishwasher.   I am hoping that when I hand polish them one at a time all the spots will come off.

Telling about all the mishaps is much more entertaining than saying, “Everyone came and had a wonderful time,” so that’s why I tell about them!  But, the reality is that none of the mishaps really mattered that much.  After all of the aforementioned ones and one broken goblet, it still was all worth it.  I absolutely loved seeing everyone and visiting, and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Lately blogging time with me has been a few-and-far-between thing.  City Boy not only does some work-related business on the computer, but also does most of his schooling on the computer at this point.  

Laptop icon

Recently his laptop suddenly bit the dust.  Very little warning, just fell asleep and never woke up.  It was a hassle for him, since all of his school stuff and work stuff was on it.

My computer not only had to fill the void, but he decided it would fill the void long-term to save him the expense of purchasing a new laptop or fixing his.  See, I don’t have my own income, and Frank originally bought my desktop computer for me.  So, I can’t hardly, in good conscience, tell him to get his own.  That said, he is on my computer most of the day and evening, leaving me time to do what I need to do during the wee hours of the morning.  I’m old, and those hours are not conducive to lucid thought for me.

As time passes, hope springs eternal that I might have my computer back full time.  Until then, it’s going to be hit-or-miss with me as far as computerland goes.

This picture was taken the night before Christmas while I was setting up the dining area for the Big Meal.  The picture isn’t as good as the real thing, since my photography ability is sadly lacking, and I wasn’t done setting up.  It looked very nice when I was done, though, and I threw some sheets over the whole thing to keep everything dust-free overnight.

Christmas Dining

Frank’s Christmas rug is not very visible, and I should have taken a picture of it.  He got it after Christmas one year when it was the very last one left and kept being marked down until it was about 90% off.  He finally couldn’t resist, and this is the first year we used it.  The rug depicts Santa and his sleigh flying at night in front of a full moon.  It’s a bit much for me, but he likes it and it is a nice looking rug.

And one more thing I thought I’d mention that was neat — Mom got a digital camera for Christmas.  It’s her first ever!  My daughter gifted her a nice one and Mom is nervous about how to use it.  I told her that I would help her with it — I knew she would need help when she asked me what kind of film it used.  Her brother, my Uncle Bud, has been a photographer and camera buff for as long as I can remember, not to mention working as an anchor for an NBC affiliate for years, so he knows some things about cameras.  He sat with my mom and patiently showed her the ins and outs of a digital camera using the one he had brought with him.  I am so excited for Mom, and hope she gets a lot of enjoyment taking lots of pictures!

Camera Lesson

I have missed being in Blogland and keeping up with everybody, and I’m hoping to be able to carve out more time to be online.  Pretty soon it will be a brand-new year, and I hope your 2012 closes wonderfully and is the start of a great 2013!