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christmas tree

Have you ever wondered if you go too far when it comes to celebrating Christmas?  Are those many Christmas “traditions” you hold so dear cause to wonder if it’s all too much?  Maybe you’re really into Christmas but don’t feel like you are any worse than anybody else….but then, you wonder if maybe you’re just deluding yourself.  How do you know if you are a Christmasaholic?

Here are just a few symptoms of a died-in-the-wool Christmas fanatic for you to consider if you are seriously afraid you might be over the edge.  Even if you are part of this group of over-doers, do not worry — there are a lot worse clubs to belong to!

You may be a Christmasaholic if:

  • You have a decorated tree in every room of your house, including the bathroom.Snowmen, bells, and candy cane sugar cookies.
  • You do your weekly grocery shopping and come home with candy canes, chocolate covered cherries, Christmas cookies, chocolate chips, almond bark, M ‘n’ Ms, nuts, cake, pie, sweetened condensed milk, marshmallow creme, assorted candy for stockings, and candy kisses.  Oh, and a loaf of bread
    The Griswald Houseand some lunchmeat.
  • You finish decorating the outside of your house and people compare you to the Griswalds — just as you always dreamed they would.
  • Your kids greet guests at your door with “Welcome to Santaland,” followed by an eye roll.
  • Your dog wears fabric antlers from Thanksgiving on.
  • Your clocks all count down advent instead of regular time because no other time matters.
  • Your electric bill doubles every year during the month of December.
  • Your children are forced to answer the house phone with “Merry Christmas and God bless us every one!”
  • Members of your church congregation ask you to sit out in the lobby during worship service to keep from being a distraction because you jingle too much.
  • During December your family members all wear sunglasses in the house — no one wants to get tinsel blindness.
  • No one can ever find the cat until after New Year’s — once is all you’re ever going to get Kitty to wear the antlers.
  • It’s tradition to drag out the same fruitcake every year — the very same one Aunt Margaret gave you ten years ago, and it’s still even in the same box.

What turns a regular Christmas celebrant into a maniacal holiday monster?    Who cares?!  If you have one of these in your household, enjoy it — you only live once!

How dull would life be without the occasional day to set aside for celebrating?  Pull out all the stops this year and have a wonderful Christmas!