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This past Sunday our Christmas program “All Is Well” was presented, and it was a resounding success!  It doesn’t really look like it, but this choir stretches five rows back — the pictures and videos were taken from well below the stage.

City Boy and I both participated — we’re there, you just can’t see us.  I’ll point us out so nobody thinks I’m just saying we were in the choir when really we weren’t.  It was a fabulous evening, after which my daughter, son-in-law and grandson all came to visit us at home.  

This is the only decent picture that shows both Frank and I — it is a snip taken from the video, so the quality is really poor, but there we are!  We were there!


See?  We were there.  We were even placed pretty close to each other — close enough for me to smack him if he got out-of-line.  Not that I would ever do that.  Frank almost always behaves himself in public.  Almost always.



Another picture that shows both of us — sort of.  There are times when I choose to wear my hair in some old-lady, goofy-looking style and then think later, “Dang, what was I thinking?”  I thought the jingle bells that held my hair back would look cute and Christmassy.  I never fail to be wrong about these things.

Later on we had a wonderful visit with my daughter’s family.  It wouldn’t be Christmastime if I didn’t take the obligatory kid-in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree pictures of my grandson.  Everybody does these, but it’s different this time because it’s my grandson.  And he was fascinated enough by the handful of presents he wasn’t getting any of that I was able to capture a few pictures.

Tree Gazing


Tree Gazing 2


Of course, Michael is getting presents from us, but we (actually I, as if Frank does any present-wrapping) didn’t have the gifts for him and his mother ready yet.  Only my son-in-law’s was ready, so it looked kind of bad I guess.


My daughter, Megan, always groans and rolls her eyes as soon as I get my camera out, so I don’t get many pictures of her, and even if I did she would say she doesn’t want me to post them.  She is very much like most of City Boy’s family — they act like when you try to take pictures of them you are pointing a gun at them.  And then when you manage to get a few pictures of them, they say they are ugly and don’t want anyone to see them.

Maybe I’m being out-of-sorts.  Today the little dog tinkled on the carpet and I had to clean it up.  Gag.  She’s never done that before, and I am annoyed with her. 

Lucy, the little dog, was originally given to me.  I am generally not a dog person, but when she cocked her head and stared at me with those puppy-dog eyes, I thought, “I’ve never owned a dog before, and I think I could be a good dog owner.”  And I was.  I played with her, groomed her, trained her and took care of all her needs.  Then she decided she liked City Boy better.  I couldn’t understand it.

 As it turns out, City Boy was feeding her table food off of his plate and going along behind me and reversing the things I was trying to teach her by letting her do anything she wanted.  No wonder he was more popular.

So, for a while I begrudgingly took care of the little dog while Frank enjoyed her, played with her, and had a neat little companion.  Then one day it occurred to me while I was struggling to give the wriggly little brat a bath, that I was not going to give her a bath any more.  Frank didn’t like that.  He said Lucy didn’t behave for him in the bathtub, and wouldn’t hold still for him to brush her, so he just didn’t feel he could do either.  Again, it was no wonder City Boy was more popular with the dog.

Well, we’ve worked out a system: he bathes the dog and I brush her.  He cleans up the doo-doo and I clean up any tinkle.  She doesn’t do either in the house unless we’re gone for a period of time and she has no choice, but she’s never tinkled.  Until today.  And I wasn’t even gone!

So naughty Little Dog is on my blacklist for a day or two, and I’ll get over it and she’ll look up at me with those puppy-dog eyes again and I’ll melt.  Sort of.

Christmas gifts.

Days are short and it will be Christmas before we know it — lots to get done!  I hope everybody has their Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped, and their voices ready for Christmas caroling!



First order of business at our little corner of the midwest is to go around the house and flip over the ten or so calenders which are still on September, shake my 2011 Mickey Mouse snow globe, decorate our office with my 1979 box of felt Christmas decorations, and get with the program!  

Happy holidays!!!