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The one thing about the weather getting colder and nights getting longer is that there is less to do.  For those hearty individuals who don’t mind roughing it in the cold weather, there are still outdoor things to do, but the rest of us namby-pamby souls have to find more things to do indoors.

Fortunately, there is Christmas decorating to do, and festive music to play while we’re decking the halls.  But, some evenings are just made for being ordinary, and there’s nothing wrong with that for old folks like us.  So, the other night was no exception to the rule.

Here in small towns certain services are limited.  There is only one cable company that services us, and its prices are higher than a cat’s back, so we have satellite.  There still wasn’t much on that night…

Show Info

Really??!!  Don’t ALL murder victims wind up dead?

Lucy wasn’t really interested in doing much of anything, either.  I figured she would get underfoot while I tried to do some Christmas decorating, but I finally found her.

Lucy Napping

Her room also doubles as our office, and City Boy got her the biggest bed he could find.  The Little Dog is about the size of a cat; why on earth would she need a bed that size?  It sure makes the office that much smaller–Lucy is not a bit spoiled, oh no.

A plastic bin of decorations made its way into the living room, and I also took that opportunity to put the first gift of the season under our tree.

First Gift

Looks lonely, doesn’t it?  That right there is a gift from me to Frank.  I’m hoping one from him to me joins it there soon.  It’s all about me, me, me.

In the middle of everything Frank came in and said I just had to step outside right then.  Turns out he knows I always try to stretch my picture-taking skills, which are sadly lacking, and thought I might like another challenge.  He also thought it would make a neat picture.


And, City Boy was right on two counts.  It WAS a challenge (I took several pictures of it to even get one as good as this), and it WAS kind of neat-looking, the moon with all those clouds wafting around it.  One day I’ll figure out how to take night pictures without the purple dot.

Well, back to decorating.  City Boy decided to give Lucy a bath since she was just laying there, easy to find.  Lo and behold, she had disappeared.  Frank had taken her collar off earlier, and he only does that for one reason.  And the Little Dog has figured out that reason.

Lucy Hiding

So, they ran around the ottoman for awhile, and Frank finally caught her and took her in to take a bath.  I got done decorating and still had the camera out, so I entertained myself playing with it.  I discovered some new little settings, and messed around with them a bit.  

This is the “Soft Focus” setting.

Soft Focus

This looks just like the way my pictures look when I can’t hold my hands steady enough and I don’t wait for the camera to focus.  Guess I didn’t need that setting.

Next was the “Sparkle” setting.


Whoa, this brings back memories.  When my vision was messed-up this is the way car headlights looked at night.  Don’t really want THAT blast from the past. 

Okay, so, I have no idea what I did to get this…

Unknown Setting

I’ll just call this the “Really Orange” setting.  With that, I put the camera up for the night and decided to lay in bed with the tv on and read a book.  

Then this movie came on tv about a husband who disappeared after forgetting to put a present under the Christmas tree for his wife….yeah, that might be worth a look….