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French fries

Any hint to make french fries and onion rings even better than they already are is certainly worth reblogging!  Hope Mark’s hint adds a little crispiness to yours, too!

English: Basket of onion rings from "El C...

My Meals are on Wheels

Cooking Onion Rings? Make sure you fry only a few at a time to prevent them from sticking together and to ensure even cooking.

2nd Hint of the Day!


For the best French Fries, soak cut potatoes in ice-cold water in the refrigerator for an hour; this will harden them so they absorb less fat. Dry them thoroughly, then fry them twice. First cook for 6 – 7 minutes, drain well, then sprinkle them lightly with flour( this step makes them extra crispy and crunchy ). Then fry them again for 1 – 2 minutes until golden brown.

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