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Once you become a parent and hold that new little life for the first time, something changes in you.  You’ll never be the same person again.  Now you’re a parent.  

The responsibility of being a father or mother is enormous.  But somehow it doesn’t seem like it, and you have a certain amount of elation and pride despite it.  As your child grows and changes, so do you, and your lifestyle changes with every new life cycle of your child.

One day, many years after you first looked into your baby’s eyes for the first time, you find out you are a grandparent.  Does that old feeling come back like it did when your child was born?  No, it does not.  This feeling is different.  It’s even better than you remember!  You can’t believe it’s possible that you could be even more elated than you were all those years ago!  And yet, here you are, calm and happy and proud.

That is the joy of being a grandparent.  Being able to have the joy without the responsibility.  You love them, shower them with gifts and affection, then send them back to Daddy and Mommy.  You can’t beat it.  You just can’t!

So, forgive my grandmotherly pride as I show you a few pictures of my six-year-old grandson earlier this Fall as he participated in his school’s flag football game.  I was down at my daughter’s for a visit and enjoyed being able to watch him play.  These are only very few of the many pictures I took of him that day, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Perhaps you caught a general theme going on here.  Is my grandson shy of the camera?  Not at all.  As a matter of fact, it’s hard to keep him from wanting his picture taken every time he sees someone with a camera.  

Actually, my daughter has asked that I not show my grandson’s face on the internet.  This day and age, I can understand that to a certain extent.  But grandmotherly pride is a serious handicap to overcome, and when Megan asked me not to post most of Michael’s pictures, I stuck my bottom lip out and pouted.  And I might have stuck my tongue out at my daughter–I’m not sure, I don’t remember.

You’ll have to take my word for it that Michael is an adorable child.  He is very upbeat and happy most of the time, and lifts my spirits always.  He is the apple of my eye, and I am proud that I could show him off to all of you.  Well, show you a limited edition of him, anyway.

Megan is actually a great daughter, and a good mother.  So if I pout, it’s just because I like to get my way.  That, in addition to spoiling the grandchildren, is a grandmother’s prerogative, don’t ya’ know! (winky-wink)