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With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I wanted to change-up my dining room centerpiece to something more, well, bountiful-looking.  Being frugal, I first looked around my house to see what was here that I could use for free.  Well, no luck.  It is a contradiction to make something look bountiful while being a tightwad.

On a trip to the store for a few ingredients for supper, I passed by some bins of gourds and pumpkins outside the store.  Well, maybe.  Inside were about ten cartloads of what was left of the Halloween stuff.  I don’t do a lot of Halloween decorating, so I kept walking until I got to the last several carts.  Jackpot.

There was a bunch of Fall stuff on sale.  Oh, goody goody!

So, here are a few things I found that perhaps a lot of stores around the nation have on sale this time of year.

Combined with the leaves and berries in the centerpiece I was already using (behind all my sale stuff in the picture), I made a decent bountiful centerpiece for $9.

Your style of decorating for Turkey Day may be different than mine, but whatever way you decorate, now is the time to go grab some of those Fall decoration items that a lot of stores have on sale if you want to make something really thankful-looking.    Be creative.  It is as easy as layering decorating items in a container in any way that looks good to you.

For a point of reference, the things I used, layered in this order, were:

  • A platter thingy found in the Thanksgiving section for $1.
  • Three bags of mixed gourds for $1@.
  • Two containers of prepackaged Fall ornamental fruit and foliage for $2.50@.
  • The waxed leaves and wild berries I had already been using on the dining table for decoration.

In the past I saved one bunch of gourds for years, which surprised me.  I figured they would have rotted, but they just dried.  Maybe I was just lucky with that bunch, so I will see if these gourds dry and keep as well.  It is even more delightful to a frugal person when they get out of having to buy the same thing year after year!

If you have Fall-ish stuff already on hand that you like, creating a bountiful Thanksgiving display will be even easier.  Either way, a harvest centerpiece doesn’t have to be complicated to look good.  I am no decorator, so if I can easily make one, anybody can.  And it doesn’t have to look cheap–only you need to know that it really is.

A funny, sweet lady and great blogger came up with the fitting title for this post, so if you get a chance, you might enjoy giving Cindy’s fantastic blog a look, here.

Have fun whatever you do, because this is the perfect season for it!  Have a blessed week!