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 The other day I was unpacking yet another one of our million packing bins from the Big Move, and ran across this set of clear candy bowls.  I thought “Hm, I wonder where these came from?”

 It dawned on me that I had inherited these from a friend that had passed away a few years ago.  She was an older woman, and had things saved up from long ago.  And although I hadn’t been able to get rid of them for the precious sentimental worth they had to me, I also had not found a use for them.

 City Boy had complained that he can never find where I put the cotton balls or the q-tips, so tah-dah, I thought of a cool use for the pretty little bowls.

 Don’t let the poor photography fool you, they really look nice.  Crystal in the bathroom is so elegant and pretty, and clear glass bowls can be picked-up on the cheap at yard sales and thrift stores.  They are not only handy for the people in your home, but also make things nicer for guests when they use your bathroom.

 The middle bowl has only a small part of my collection of Avon sample cologne scents.  If you collect samples of cologne, makeup, hair products or skin care products to name a few, this will keep them handy for yourself and guests, as well as increasing the likelihood of them being used before they are no longer good.

A quote I read years ago in some magazine sums it up: “Living frugally does not have to be ugly.”