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Halloween is now past, and the pre-Thanksgiving part of Fall is well underway.  Excitement is building for me as the holiday season progresses, with all the meaning and beauty that comes with it.  Here in our humble rural house we have done things simply, and have been more relaxed with our decorating than in past years.  Groupings of natural things we found outside like leaves, branches, sticks, pine cones and berries were placed along with candles and other Fall decorations on nearly every surface of the house.  

I am finally posting some pictures of the decorations using the Fall leaves and leaf branches that were waxed earlier this season.  They do keep their color longer after they are waxed, and eventually turn a mellow shade of amber that fits right in with the deep Fall decorating.  

This is Lucy’s favorite place to be, always hoping she can catch a pat on the head from anyone who enters.

The Fall berries added to most of the decorations grow wild in this neck of the woods; people from church had told us that they go out on country roads and pick theirs along fence rows.  So, City Boy and I set out to pick some of our own.  We found a row of them along the road in front of a fence that bordered an open field.  Frank let me out and then drove the truck a little ways further to find a place to pull up off the road, while I happily used my shears to clip off beautiful clusters of berries.

So engrossed was I that I was oblivious to the sound of a little girl riding a four-wheeler and the barking of her little dog and his little buddies.  By the time I noticed them, Dorothy, Toto, and Toto’s minions were not far from me, looking like they wanted blood.  Right behind me I heard “Get in!” and turned to find Frank right there–he had seen the whole thing unfolding before I had and rushed back to rescue me.

Talk about feeling like a criminal!  I did not know that what grows right next to the road was part of someone’s private property (I need to look that up), but I guess I should have noticed that, tucked back behind a grove of trees a distance from the road, was a house.  At any rate, I got some Fall berries.

The last two Fall leaf branches, berries, and one plain old plastic Fall branch in three bud vases are the dining table centerpiece, along with a couple of tealight holders shaped like leaves.  I think there’s a general leaf theme going on here!

The day before Halloween there were a few decorations added, just for that occasion, and then removed the day after.

This decoration is usually turned around and under the entry table, but for Halloween its face was glowing from within by candlelight as it rested on the fireplace hearth.

Just the addition of a little jack-o-lantern ornament cute-i-fied the entry table.

The front porch was set to greet trick-or-treaters.

The jack-o-lantern is usually turned around and grouped with the other pumpkins, but for Halloween its face glowed from the insertion of a glow stick on the inside.  I didn’t get pictures of the “eyes in the bushes” next to the porch–they are made from paper towel rolls cut in half with eye holes cut in each half and glow sticks inserted.  Place them in the bushes and it looks like glowing eyes peering at you once it gets dark.  I got the idea from Pinterest, and I wish I had gotten a picture of the ones in my bushes–it was a neat effect!

Our friendly little burlap, paper mache’ and raffia jack-o-lantern greets any guests who venture down our hallway.

The candy is ready and so are we!

And Lucy, in the little candy corn Halloween outfit I made for her last year and then had to alter for her this year because she got fat, waits for the odd beings she knows will show up.  She knows this because a few have already been here, even before dark.

Lucy had a great time greeting our guest trick-or-treaters and barking at them as they passed in the street.  I had a spooky noise cd in the stereo playing and candles burning, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Hope your Halloween was great, and that you are revved-up for a fabulous Thanksgiving!