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We didn’t used to be the kind of people that thought it was cute to dress a dog up in outfits and take them everywhere we went.  Notice I’m speaking in past tense.

City Boy has always been a bit rough around the edges.  After his twenty years in the military he seemed, well, gruff.  His children’s friends were always scared of him until they got to know him, and even adults have said that their first impression of him the minute they saw him was that he might be mean.  

Just so you know, he’s really a teddy bear, but he just has a look and manner that make some people think he is more grizzly bear.  So, when Lucy was given to us, he did not look pleased.  That’s why it amazes everyone that HE is the one who buys her clothes and treats and dresses her up and takes her places.  One whole rack in his closet is full of little outfits for Lucy.


And, she IS a cute dog–when she hasn’t been running around outside and is looking all scraggly.  So, I’ll just have to post a picture of her in her little Halloween outfit this evening.  I know, I know–I can see the eye rolls already.  But, I made the outfit, altered it after she gained a bunch of weight (which the vet seems to think is just fine), and by-george, she’s going to wear it in a picture.

Frank gets after me when I call her things other than her name.  I really hate her name, but she already had it when we got her, and it’s even on her breeding papers, for pete’s sake.  Her full name is Lucy Boo Boo, and I’m letting you know now that we would never have named her that.

So, if I am annoyed with her I say things like, “Listen here, little dog, you’re not a pig so quit rooting around like one,”  or “Little dog, get out of that (fill in the blank)!”  She’s really a good little dog–Frank just hates it when I call her that.

This blog will not end up being a saga about our little dog’s daily life, but every now and then I will probably post about Lucy.  After all, I guess she lives here too.