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Practically every day I am looking for ways to repurpose stuff.  Okay, so I already know I am a total cheapskate, but I guess I am compelled to constantly share my overly frugal ways in Blogland.  Maybe it’s a sickness with me, I don’t know.

Anyway, above is a picture of a couple of presents I recently took to a couple of events.

My daughter, Megan, is having a baby boy around Christmas!  We’re very excited!  A shower for her is the event the white Christmas wrapped present was for.

The recycling part:

The baby is coming around Christmas, so the Christmas theme on the bag fit the occasion.  I had saved the bag from a present my City Boy had gotten last year.  The tissue paper in the bag is NOT tissue paper, it is grocery bags!

Cut the bottom and top off of a plastic grocery bag, cut down either side of the logo or printing on the bag, and you have one long piece of plastic.  I used four in this present.  But I save grocery bags, and have an arsenal of them.

Say what you will about going too far with being cheap, nobody cared that the baby gift filling wasn’t tissue paper! 

The green present in the Avon bag is for my grandson (and apple of my eye), who recently had a birthday.  It is in an Avon bag because he likes green, and I already had the bag.  I save gift and shopping bags as well.  I also save tissue paper from gifts I get, and happened to have this matching green paper.  He didn’t know or care that the bag was an Avon bag or that the bag and tissue paper were recycled.  Pretty lucky, smart and frugal, huh?

Both gifts looked nice, and both were open in seconds and all the wrapping thrown on the floor to be swept up and thrown away.  Glad I didn’t pay a dime for any of it!

And my house actually does not look like one of those houses on the show “Hoarders” from me saving everything that comes into my house.  I am selective about what I save, and I keep it organized, keep it neat and looking nice, and put it up where I can find it.  I guess I am an organized pack rat.  

Bottom line is, wrapping supplies are getting really expensive.  Saving gift bags, retail bags, and tissue paper can save you a lot of money.  And who will know or care that it is reused–maybe the present-wrapping police?

Grocery bags you’ve saved can be used for so many things!  

Plastic grocery bags can be used for (to name only a few):

Trash bags for small trash cans

Garbage bags

Dog-walking bags

Gift filler (as explained above)

Shoe bags when traveling to keep shoes from soiling clothes in the suitcase

Cut the bottom of the bag off and you have a plastic tank top OLDER children can use to protect the front of their shirts from messy jobs

Paper grocery sacks that have been cut open and laid flat can be used for:

Wrapping paper

Place mats 

Paper to spread out and top with paper towels when cooking to keep the counter clean

Art paper

Craft paper

This is only a very short list of all the uses for these types of things–I’m sure many of you can think of a large variety of other things that saving these supplies would be good for to add to your own list.  And there are many sites and blogs that also have suggestions.  So go for it, and happy recycling!