It was looking like I might have to relearn how to blog.  It was looking like a waste of a total week or more.  It was looking like I was missing out on all this glorious Fall color and it would be gone before I could enjoy it.

Pneumonia.  That’s a funny word.  I haven’t even had a cold or flu in over a decade, and had never had pneumonia in my life.  It came with virtually no warning and knocked me on my butt.  I’m not exaggerating about the no warning part.  One day I was fine–just tired with a slight occasional cough–the next morning I woke up with pain and fever all over and could hardly stand or breathe.  Why didn’t you all tell me it was like this?!  Lol, in the past I’ve been used to getting over things quickly, and here I was, wasting time in bed like a lazy queen bee.

So, I’ve been mending, and was anxious to get back out and get pictures of the Fall foliage before it was gone.  And I did!  Frank took me out today and we went leaf hunting.  Shuffling through the woods and tree-lined neighborhoods is NOT City Boy’s cup of tea, believe me, so I love him for feeling sorry for me.  

Now I can get to the photos of pretty trees and the decorations I did with the leaves I waxed earlier in the month–even sitting up to get on the computer has been too much torture for me to do until today.  I am anxious to show the pictures off!  I am no photographer, as you have already seen, but it still might not be difficult to imagine yourself walking down a tree-lined street, strolling in the woods, or yes, wandering through a cemetery (hey, they have nice trees) when you see them.  

The education gained from my first pneumonia experience–priceless.  Here are some tips that  may be helpful to others of you who have never dealt with this–

After diagnosis:

  • Fill your prescriptions 
  • Rest
  • Take medications–you’ll need to eat with at least one of them or you can add tummy ache to your vast list of symptoms–it takes potent medication to combat this
  • Drink a lot–the medications to clear your chest also dehydrate you
  • And again I say rest
  • Rest
  • Rest

Did I mention rest?

My hope for you is that you will never have to deal with this, but if you ever do, please try not to take it lightly.  I hope you all have an illness-free Fall filled with wonderful things!