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It’s official–Fall has now arrived in our little town, and it came in a glorious burst of color!  That’s what I love about this time of year: the colors, and, of course, the festivals!

Somebody’s Little Buddy who didn’t just fall off the pumpkin truck!

Pumpkins and gourds sold here!

This past weekend our town celebrated Pumpkin Daze, a yearly fall festival that celebrates everything Autumn.  Even though it was overcast and there was a little nip in the air, nobody seemed to notice!  Frank, Lucy and I had a great time, especially Lucy, whose head was on a swivel at the sight of all the other dogs there.  She thought it was a big play date!

My City Boy and Lucy found a wandering tiger.

There were prizewinning vegetables, sunflowers and fruits on display, including some huge sweet potatoes, gourds, squash…well, you would just have to see it to believe it!  Huge, I tell ya’!

Prizewinning watermelon–you won’t find any like this at Wal-Mart!

And the grand Pumpkin Daze winner!

Somebody must own a crane…

The whole time I was looking at all this stuff I was wondering how on earth they get them to grow this big!  I mean, these were a couple of many gargantuan examples of produce, making whatever I have ever grown look piddly and meager.  And then they haul it in for the contest!!  That’s a hernia waiting to happen!

There was such a great crowd there, and everybody was so nice and cordial–no pushing, crowding, shoving–it was a very enjoyable time!

The crowd on one side of the street…

…and then down the other side–what a friendly bunch of people turned out for the festival!

This young lady was one of many (including us) that brought their wonderful dogs out to join the fun!

A vendor with two of the three sweet, friendly pooches she brought….

…and here’s her precious little poodle, who didn’t know a stranger!

Our church had their booth indoors, and they served loaded baked potatoes and drinks.  Perfect for a crisp fall day like this was!  Did I mention that I love Fall?  So many activities, and different stage performances–it was certainly not dull.

All too soon the day and the festival were over.  We already have Pumpkin Daze earmarked for next year!