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Migraine Barbie has Snapped!

There are some (actually lots) of folks who frequently suffer from that mother-of-all-headaches, the migraine.  That unmistakeable head-smacking, throbbing, sickening, disabling pain has been compared by many to be worse than major dental work.

Many people who get chronic migraines deal with it using strong medication, and know that the best time to take it is at the onset, before the pain actually starts–you know, when vision gets blotchy and bolts of light appear.  And, for some, it does seem to ease some of the symptoms down to a low roar.  But not many have found anything that will totally alleviate the symptoms.

I've had a migraine/headache for 6 days straig...

Not long ago, after a horrendous week of suffering (I had four migraines that week), and even being sick on the in-between days, my City Boy went on to church without me while I stayed home with an ice bag on my head and a bucket next to the bed.  He came home afterwards eager to tell me what he had learned, and it wasn’t just about the Bible lesson.

One of the members of our class said she used to suffer from frequent migraines to the point of depression, until a friend told her of a remedy that she thought might help her.  It sounded so ludicrous that she wasn’t even going to try it, but pain is a strong motivator, and she was willing to try about anything to alleviate it even a little.  So, she tried it and was shocked to find out that it worked!  Some of you may already have heard about this, but it was news to me.

Yep, downing some good ol’ Gatorade along with migraine medication at the first onset of a migraine was her deliverance!  She said it made a big difference for her, and thought it might be something I could try.

Well, it wasn’t anything I WANTED to try–after all, I had always hated the taste of that stuff to the point of gagging, not to mention that if a pricey prescription medication couldn’t do the job, I figured a sports drink wasn’t going to cut it.  But, I began changing my tune as the pain wore on.

I began to theorize (as much as a simpleton like me can) that the Gatorade must replace something that the body is missing, and it’s that missing substance that causes the headache in the first place (potassium, maybe? electrolytes?).  I thought perhaps I could try it as a preventative before the onset of the next headache. So, I began drinking about a cup each morning and night.

Since I started doing that about two weeks ago, I have only had one migraine.  And when that happened I drank an additional glass of Gatorade at the onset, and didn’t suffer quite as many symptoms as usual, so it did help.

Just saying, if you suffer a great deal from migraines and are looking for some relief, give this a try yourself.  Hey, nothing ventured nothing gained, right?  It might just help, and you haven’t lost a whole lot if it doesn’t!

Update:  It’s been almost three months since I started the “Gatorade diet,” lol, and it has made all the difference for me.  On the other hand, my oldest daughter tried it and said it did absolutely nothing for her.  She did say that her doctors were sure her migraines were caused by her pregnancy, so we’re guessing that the change in body chemistry during pregnancy must be the difference, idk.

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For me, I drink Gatorade morning and night still, and I’ve suffered only three migraines in the last three months, compared to multiple times a week before.  And since the last migraine I have even started drinking Gatorade periodically when I think of it during the rest of the day.  But the real difference was that when I drank the Gatorade at the first remote sign of the onset of a migraine, I either suffered no pain at all, or it made the pain much less severe than it would have been.  I also take migraine medication along with the Gatorade at the first sign of a migraine, which for me is usually spots in front of my eyes or blotchy vision.

Another blogger (which one it was I don’t remember so regrettably I can’t give her the credit she is most certainly due) said that she had frequent migraines until she noticed that she didn’t drink much in the way of fluids during the day.  She worked her way up to drinking around 2 liters of water a day and the migraines gradually stopped.  She tested the theory twice by cutting back on the water and the migraines came back.  This leads me to wonder if Gatorade or lots of water are replacements for something a migraine sufferer’s body is not getting enough of.  Food (drink) for thought.

Like I’ve mentioned, this won’t work for everybody, but it’s certainly worth an aggressive try if you suffer from migraines on a regular basis.