It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the middle of Fall!  We’re late breaking out our seasonal decorations, but we’re in no hurry this year.  The Big Move has us still trying to sort out which bin holds what decorations, so it’s steady as she goes.

 I don’t get really elaborate, and simple is the best way to go when all around us outdoors the natural beauty is already decorating things up for us!  And it’s also more practical when a person is a pack rat who has just moved and can’t find the Fall decorations.  Only one bin of them was unearthed, and most of the decorations in it were older ones and I got rid of them, so I need to keep the search going.  When one full half of a two-car garage is filled stem to stern, back-to-back with poorly marked look-alike bins, searching is hard, and I am paying for my poor organizing skills.  Well, it could be my really advanced hoarding skills I’m paying for, however a person wants to look at it.

We’ll open more moving bins and go outside and gather more Fall leaves and berries as time passes and everything stays pretty, and see what we come up with.  

Before you know, it will be time for us all to be regularly enjoying warm, toasty fires in the fireplace, and sipping warm apple cider–life is good!