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Hello to all!  Image

Finally, some rain signals the end of hot, dry weather (hopefully) and the beginning of bliss as the leaves change, the air cools, and the world changes!

This picture was taken in my front yard as a nice rain was just letting up.  I hope the beginning of your fall is as wonderful as mine has been!

I’ve had the best of both worlds in my life, having been both a country girl and a city girl, and even in-between!  My husband, Frank, is my city boy through and through, and my hero.  He is a retired veteran of the Navy, and soon to become a chaplain.  My husband’s name is the same as a character on “MASH,” and he gets a lot of ribbing about it, but never from me (you believe that, don’t you?).

This is the simple life, what we live and how we creatively enjoy each day’s new discoveries, and I look forward to sharing our lives with you!  Welcome to our corner of the Midwest–it’s so good to have you here!